Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Roe Effect

I think it might have been James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal and Best of the Web who coined the phrase "the Roe Effect" to describe the long-term political ramifications of pro-lifers having more children than pro-choicers.

Here is an interesting post about an article that runs along similar lines.

While I'm on the topic of life issues, this one got left behind in "draft" mode a few days back for some reason...

Some very good news here - not just for pro-lifers but for a system in which people sometimes disagree with the government or with established laws and want to do their part in sending a message and causing a change. (There are certainly some other areas of government that could use some work in this regard.)

Basically, some lower courts wanted to use laws aimed at limiting the effects of organized crime to prevent pro-lifers from peacefully protesting in front of abortion clinics on the grounds that it does harm to their business. Naturally this has some far-reaching consequences for other types of protesters as well.

I guess, once in a great while (or perhaps, um, AFTER a great while), the truth is actually obvious. The Supreme Court ruled on this one 8-0 and pro-lifers were joined by the AFL-CIO! Wow.

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