Friday, March 24, 2006

Maybe I'm not such an Old Dinosaur...

You see, I do our taxes by hand. Yep, not even a piece of software involved. It took me one hour and half trip to the library (believe me, it's a LOT quieter there!) and one of Ria's dance classes (John takes care of the little ones so I can go by myself and have SOME quiet study time each week) to complete them. This was straightforward enough to allow us to get our taxes in by early February (now that's a record, I must admit). It's also the only way to fully appreciate the workings of government (not!) - the endless, mindless loopholes they make you jump through to figure out the most ridiculous things - you know what I mean.

Anyway, now it turns out that accountants or tax preparers may someday be allowed to sell information based on your tax return to marketers. Read more here (hat tip - Mark Shea)

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