Friday, March 03, 2006

Kate says...

Kate is a bright, funny and very sensitive four year old. She loves to play the "quiz games" the older kids love for drilling and testing some of their learning in a wide variety of subjects. It's sometimes hard to come up with questions for Kate that she can manage. Sometimes I ask her something really simple (or something I THINK is really simple), like "What color is the sky?" But just because we say it's blue doesn't mean it always looks blue, so that doesn't necessarily help. Just last week, I asked her where we live, thinking I could accept almost anything for an answer (in our house, whatever), when she very sweetly answered, "Asia." Poor Kate, everyone giggled and she was very unhappy.

The other day (not during a quiz) I asked her why we love God. She very wisely answered, "Because he makes us stay alive and he didn't make us out of anything." Wow.

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