Monday, March 06, 2006

Cultured Bambino, or not

"The Munchie Man", our roly-poly, ever active, babbling and enchanting two year old, knows his way around trouble. I think it's his persistance that pays off. One day he was sitting on my lap during our co-op Latin class and holding a bottle of children's vitamins that he obtained from the shelf. He just kept wiggling and wiggling the lid for quite a long time until that "child-proof" top came right off.

We try to keep an ever-watchful eye on him, but this is nearly impossible every moment of every day. So I run to check on him after a few minutes and usually find him in an upstairs bathroom smearing his hair with conditioner, or something to that effect.

So I was extremely amused to run upstairs on Saturday, expecting trouble-as-usual, and find him peacefully sitting in front of the radio in the girls' room, listening to opera on the classical station and very nicely pouring over a picture book. :)

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