Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Authenticity, cont.

Some immediate causes of error ("due to an extension of one's judgment beyond evidence"):

we wish to impress others (with rapid answer, keen insight)
because we like a position
emotional pressure - fear, joy, anguish, elation, anger (interfere with cool reasoning/insight)

"We err because we lack love...Defective motivation induces intellectual darkness. The more one loves, the more he sees ultimate reality. Love puts one into contact with God and with men as nothing else does. The person who loves fully sees deeply... He sees deeply because he is free of the thousand emotional and willed obstructions to inner vision. His passions do not prompt him to embrace an illusory but lax morality. Just as there is no one so blind as he who wills not to see, so there is no one so seeing as he who wills to love. He is authentic." (pg. 38)

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