Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Cute Story about "Signs from God"

I came across this cute little story in an article by Susie Lloyd in Faith and Family Magazine:

The baby was due in August and expectant dad Andy really wanted to use the name Monica, whose feast falls on the 27th. But this was during the Monica Lewinsky debacle, and mom, Abby, just couldn't stomach it. Finally, she agreed - if and only if the baby was born exactly on St. Monica's day, a full two weeks past her due date.

Abby's due date came and went. When she finally went in for delivery on St. Monica's feast day, she noticed a receptionist who had on a big name tag. It said "Monica." Later, in the delivery room, a nurse came in and said, "Has anyone here seen the Monica strap?" In reality she said "monitor strap," but, strangely, both parents distinctly heard "Monica."

Abby was convinced that heaven had spoken.

"But when the baby was born," she relates, "I realized they weren't signs from heaven; they were practical jokes. The baby was a boy!"

from "Fun with Labor" by Susie Lloyd (author of Please Don't Drink the Holy Water published by Sophia Institute Press)
Faith and Family Magazine: The Magazine of Catholic Living Fall 2005


Nancy C. Brown said...

That's a great story. Did you see The Benedict Code? I thought that was so great, I gave it to my daughter and we both thought it was a good use of writing skills.

..Michele Q said...

Ah, thanks for the chuckle. Very cute!