Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Conversation of a 3-Year-Old

It was funny thinking about the quote from Mr. Blue (from my previous post) while driving my very tired three year old around town to try to get her to sleep tonight. She had been cranky and fussy before I put her in the car, but from the moment we started driving there was a stream of conversation and thought coming from her direction. (It was a full half hour before she fell asleep.)

"Look at the people on the bicycles. There's a mommy and a little girl. The daddy is at work."

It doesn't stop for a moment. She tells me all kinds of things about what she sees and how she understands the world from the perspective of her car seat.

It's amazing how important conversation is for children. So much of what they learn comes from their questions (including all those "why" ones) and those little explanations we whisper in their ear when they are quite small.

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