Tuesday, June 07, 2005

One of the most humble prefaces I've ever seen...

All of this describes a large program, toward which a small book, which has grown rather by chance, can certainly make only a modest contribution As I looked through my lectures on this subject area from the past decade, it emerged that these approaches from various starting points had nevertheless amounted to something like a single whole - quite fragmentary and unfinished, of course, but, as a contribution to a major theme that affects us all, perhaps not entirely unhelpful. I have therefore decided to present as a whole in this book those texts whose themes are directed to questions concerning faith, religion, culture, truth, and tolerance and that - with the exception of the first piece, published as early as 1964 - were all written in the past decade and to put them up for discussion. I hope that a book that has thus been put together, with all its insufficiencies, may yet be of help in the struggle for what concerns us all.
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, from the preface to Truth and Tolerance: Christian Belief and World Religions.

Truly this is a great man!!!

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