Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Travesty and Hope

I'm following the D.C. March for Life through the articles listed in my sidebar.

My daughter is there with grandparents and some cousins and I'm really glad she can be there for so many reasons. Born in 1970, I'm one of the youngest generation born before Roe vs. Wade. Growing up, I remember a lot of people saying that Roe vs. Wade would end up being overturned by those whose siblings and friends and classmates are not with us because of that travesty, signed thirty-five years ago today.

When I was a child, our family was very involved in the pro-life movement. My mom became involved in the movement literally weeks before Roe vs. Wade was decided - starting with the issue of euthanasia. My parents distributed talks on audio tape about euthanasia from a priest at our parish; later she ran a pregnancy help center. It's amazing how many people (some of the greatest blessings in our lives - the effects of whom are certainly experienced in our family to this day) came into our family's lives through these activities - truly an example in my mind of how God provides. We frequented the pro-life walks in our area, including an annual 32 mile weekend walk from the South Bay all the way into downtown San Francisco that ran for many years. It was quite an experience and an opportunity to witness, though rather small (perhaps 200 people).

It's encouraging to see, even while commemorating a tragic day in which were signed the death warrants of millions of children, that America's conscience is awakening - the movement is growing and so many more people are active and involved. For example the 4th annual West Coast Walk for Life in San Francisco brought 25,000 people!!!! It brings tears to my eyes when I see the pictures (and I'm pleased to know that many people from my alma mater made the six hour+ drive to attend!). I truly believe that they will make a difference and that their prayers will be heard.


Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

I am watching it in straming video on the computer. I would love to tell you if I see your daughter, but my picture is rather grainy and... I don't know what she looks like. : )

Are you watching too?

love2learnmom said...

Yes, I am, though I'm mostly listening so I'd probably miss her too. Gus has a close eye on things, though.

House of Brungardt said...

I was born 9 months before Roe v. Wade and it seems like I grew up with it. I don't really remember "becoming" pro-life. It was just always there.

Watching the March always makes me remember the times I went in college and how amazing it is to see all the young people there (of course at the time I was one myself!).

It all makes me hug my babies a little closer and be grateful that I grew up in the family that I did.


Deb said...

I was born several years after RvW. I think of all the friends I never got to meet, all my peers whose parents were pressured to have abortions, but I see the hope from those of us who were born, to fight the good fight, to raise OUR children to hope and fight, too. We will over come this, God willing soon.

Advena said...

My oldest son and daughter Liam and Clare were at the SF March with the TAC contingent.

My fourth son Sean turned 15 on this January 22nd. As a neonate 15 years ago, he went into distress near birth and was whisked into the NICU.

I had always been against abortion. But seeing those doctors working so conscientiously for several hours to pull him out of crisis on the very 20th anniversary of RvW really consolidated the issue in personal terms for me.