Saturday, February 11, 2006

Good Job Ria!

"Ria" received an honorable mention in the St. Joseph Messenger Writing Contest for her essay on "The Beauty of the Mass" (which will be published in an upcoming issue). Great job Ria!!!

One funny thing is that we nearly didn't get the essay in the mail - in fact we didn't REALIZE we did get it in the mail, which was why today's letter from them was such a surprise. We were trying to get it in the mail on (what we thought) the very last day possible. It was a very busy day and I came home after a bunch of errands realizing I had forgotten to drop it at the post office. I sadly handed it to her on our way out the door to go to Nancy Brown's Chesterton talk. She inadvertently left in in her dad's car (we borrowed his car to meet up with other attendees of the talk) who found it and very obligingly popped it in the mail. :)

We're not very good at keeping up with periodicals around here (which isn't an entirely bad thing - living books are, in the end, more important), so I wasn't sure if I would renew or not. Now, with her prize of a year's subscription, we'll get another chance to keep on trying.

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